Friday, 7 January 2011

that Friday Feeling....

HAPPY FRIDAY! We hope your first week back at work in 2011 hasnt been too painful and you are looking forward to the weekend!

Seeing as this is the year of the Royal Wedding, today we thought we would share some beautiful Sapphires with you!

You too can own a gorgeous Engagement ring, just like Katherine Middleton, and another of our very lucky customers who received this beauty last year!

These are just stunning and catch the light so beautifully! They are here in the JKD office waiting to be mounted into a piece of jewellery of your give me a call on 07904123297 or email to make an appointment!!!

Have a nice weekend!



  1. I love my sapphire. It's far darker than the ones you have here and so delicious!

  2. Great post - I love Sapphires and am very pleased that my engagement ring is now fashionable!!