Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Wedding Supplier Wednesday - Simply Charming Events

Happy Wedding Supplier Wednesday! Its cold and miserable outside, but no fear we are hear to help brighten your day! Today we are featuring the lovely Kirsti from Simply Charming Events, established in April 2010, who specialise in chair covers and centrepieces at great prices, based in South Wales.Here is what Kirsti had to say:
While planning my own wedding I couldn't believe the prices we were being quoted. Me and my husband decided to set up a business where we could offer brides quality products but at a much lower cost.

We are a family run business and offer one to one service with each bride. Our prices are very competitive as we work from home so we are able to keep our prices as low as possible.
I love talking to brides about ideas for they're wedding. Being part of they're wedding is such a privilege. No two days are the same as every bride has her own ideas about her big day.

All our centrepieces can be customised to our clients requirements, we appreciate no two brides are the same so we don't expect everyone to want the same designs.
Although we are based in South Wales we provide a nationwide service we have currently been as far as Cumbria and Essex to do weddings.
You can contact Simply Charming Events via the WEBSITE or FACEBOOK PAGE

Thank you for allowing us to feature you Kirsti!

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Have a nice day!


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Cash for Gold....


Sorry for our lack of blogging - its been pretty crazy in JKD land since coming back from holiday last week! We have LOTS to share with you, but most importantly we wanted to remind you that WE BUY YOUR GOLD FOR CASH.

Oh yes, Christmas is coming and everyone needs a little cash injection at this time of year. Have you got old, broken or simply unused gold? now is the time to cash it in and make some Cash!I work direct with the London Gold Bourse - so can offer you the best price!

If i can help you with anything please email me on or call me on 07904123297.


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Wedding Supplier Wednesday - The Original Wedding Tea Towel

Happy Wedding Wednesday! We hope you are having a lovely week?

We have a very exciting company for you today, when we saw there work we knew we just HAD to feature them! Introducing Ben and Karen from THE ORIGINAL WEDDING TEA TOWEL
And here is the story behind the company:
In December last year Ben and Karen got married. Ben's a designer so was under huge pressure to come up with a cool idea for the invitation. After about 20 failed attempts they finally hit on the idea of doing something people could keep, (after all, why spend all that money on something that people are only going to throw away), so perhaps, oddly, they decided on doing a tea towel.

Eventually, they created the original Whale design and got it to print, then we came to the day of sending them out. Waiting for people's responses was quite terrifying, we were worried it was going to be met with a blanket 'WHY?', but really, it couldn't have been further from the truth. People seemed genuinely blown away by them and the feedback was totally amazing.
Anyway, they got married and when the dust had settled they both thought maybe the idea was good enough to make a little business out of, so that's exactly what they did. They've since taken orders all over the UK and sent out loads of samples, OK, they're not the next Microsoft, but as a cottage industry it ticks over nicely.
Our experience in marketing (Karen was a Senior Project Manager at BBH and Ben's Creative Director at a large MK agency) means we can use that professionalism with our clients to make them feel at ease. Our biggest challenge is getting free press from the magazines and wedding blogs, so far we've been pretty successful in getting the idea picked up, and that press has driven most of our business. (this is where i come in haha!)
People always ask "why don't you do mugs, coasters, or sell the idea to schools, and playgroups" but we're not going to diversify in that way and lose focus. The strength of the product and of it's targeting is its niche; it's a specific type of product for a specific type of customer at a specific time in their lives and the smaller that target the more likely we're the only ones that can hit it.
It's a simple idea that appeals to the kind of interesting people we want to work with, and a business that's grown-up with love and attention.
WOW - we are simply blown away by this company! What a brilliant idea Ben & Karen have come up with! And, if like us, you have stumbled across this company AFTER your Wedding Day and are kicking yourself you didnt find them sooner, then check out the Thank You Tea Towels and get ordering NOW:BIG THANK YOU so much guys for allowing us to feature your company!! If you would like to get in touch with The Original Wedding Towel Company check out the WEBSITE, BLOG, Email them on or simply call them to discuss your options on Mob: 07764 898 010

We hope you like them as much as we do!

And remember, we are back from our holidays now so if we can help you with any bespoke jewellery get in touch! Christmas is fast approaching and orders are already being taken. Not only do we specialise in Engagement and Wedding rings, but we also offer an extensive line in Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, name it, we can make it! Check out our FACEBOOK page for inspiration! Email us on or call 07904123297. If you would like your company to feature on our Wedding Supplier Wednesday please email

Have a lovely Wednesday and check back Friday - we have a very special sparkly blog for you all to kick start the weekend!


Friday, 15 October 2010

Wedding ring Friday!

Oh yes, its Friday again and all thoughts are turning to the weekend. Well....why not have a look at these Wedding Rings to make your day go that little bit quicker?

Mens 5mm wide 18ct White Gold Court Ring.
Female 3mm 18ct White Gold with 5 x 0.05point Diamonds totalling 0.25points in weight.
Both engraved with the Wedding Date in Roman Numerals.

GOOD LUCK on your Wedding Day to this wonderful couple!

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Have a lovely weekend!


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wedding Supplier Wednesday

Oh yes, its that time of the week again where we feature a wonderful Wedding Supplier, and this week we have the exciting Gillian Bell from Star Weds, which was established in May 2009. Gillian couldnt wait to tell us about the service:
Star Weds is the sophisticated and hassle-free way to ask for money as a wedding gift. We provide:
  • A personalised wedding website where your guests can contribute money
  • Choice of themes
  • Online guest book
  • Your own blog
  • Personalised web address
  • Directions to your venue
  • Countdown timer
  • And much more
  • Beautiful customised invitation inserts to tell your guests about your site.
Your guests can contribute via quick, easy and secure payment methods on your wedding website (i.e. credit/debit card via PayPal, cheque or balance transfer).
Our service is completely hassle-free for both the couples and the wedding guests. Guests don't need to worry about whether or not there will be a money box at the wedding, or which of the bridal party they should give their money gift to for safe keeping, they don't need to stress about sending money in the post or if sending a cheque, whether to make it out to the bride's maiden name or married name. Also from the couple's perspective, they won't need to spend all day at the bank cashing in lots of cheques and cash. We simply send one cheque with all the contributions from their guests.

Example of a Star Weds Website:
Chris and I attended five weddings last year and gave money as a gift at each one. We found that there was no safe and/or easy way to do this, so we developed the innovative idea of StarWeds. Furthermore, over the last 20 years, money has overtaken more traditional wedding gift favourites such as kitchen equipment and towel bales. This can partly be attributed to the fact that couples living together before marriage has become the norm rather than the exception. Currently in the UK, more than three quarters of couples live together before marriage. Therefore, it is understandable that most people no longer have the need or desire to set up a gift registry with a department store in order to buy household goods. Newlyweds are more likely to spend their money on a dream honeymoon, home improvements or even paying back some of the cost of their wedding. A recent poll conducted by Wedding Magazine found that almost half (45%) of couples would prefer their guests to give them money as a wedding gift. Cash is most certainly king for wedding gifts nowadays and this trend definitely looks set to continue.
There are very few companies which offer the same service as we do. There are several benefits of choosing StarWeds: * We do not charge any set up or activation fees. Also, we do not charge for our beautiful, customised invitation inserts. * We offer a stylish and sophisticated, personalised wedding site that is easy for both the couple and their guests to use. We also have some additional features such as a selection of themes, a wall section where you can keep your guests up-to-date with any exciting news, map directions to the venue and much more.* Wedding guests can choose to contribute any amount they wish and don't have to pick from a list with pre-determined amounts. They can also purchase a stylish, personalised gift certificate indicating the amount they have contributed to place inside their wedding congratulations card to the couple.* Most importantly, our customer service - we offer world-class, superior customer service. We are highly professional, fully dedicated, and committed to keeping our customers happy and providing a personalised service that is second to none.

There is so much that we enjoy in our working day...
We love liaising with our customers and providing them with a dedicated, personal and world-class service. We understand that a couple's wedding day is one of the most special days of their lives and we want to ensure that they remember their StarWeds experience as enjoyable, stress-free and truly exceptional.
Also, as a technology-based business - we are constantly reviewing, updating and improving our site. We aim to stay ahead of trends and provide our clients with the best features possible.

What a brilliant idea! THANK YOU for allowing us to feature your company! If you would like to contact Star Weds and set up your own Wedding Website then follow this link WEBSITE, and if you would like to view a sample of the personalised wedding website, then please visit SAMPLE. Also check out FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

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Have a lovely weekend!


Monday, 11 October 2010

Three into One

Happy Monday, hope everyone is well?

We have a beauty for you today in this stunning three stone ring. Especially made for an Anniversary gift. A very lucky lady indeed!
Platinum band with 2 x 0.40points (either side) and 0.70points (centre stone) totalling 1.50ct weight.

We hope you like it as much as she did!

Have you got something coming up that deserves some sparkle? It doesnt just have to be an engagement ring or Wedding Bands....maybe some Diamond earrings are whats called for? If so, let me know and i can quote you. Email me on or call 07904123297.

Have a nice week!


Friday, 8 October 2010

tis the Wedding Season

and we have some gorgeous Wedding Bands for you to start your Weekend in style...
We would like to wish our couple a very Special Wedding Day (this weekend! eek!)and a very happy life together! Enjoy your Wedding Rings!

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Have a nice weekend!


Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Wedding Supplier Wednesday - Serendipity Photography

Happy Wedding Supplier Wednesday! And boy do we have a treat in store for you today!! Featuring the WONDERFUL Sheffield based Katy Thomson, aka "The Strawberry Photographer" also known as Serendipity Photography, which has been going strong since January 2007 (Katy: I can't believe it's nearly 3 years!)

Katy really is a cracking girl – and this blog is going to be VERY photo heavy as we simply couldn’t pick which ones too use!!! Here is what she had to say about her company:

I have always been a keen photographer but up until 3 years ago it was a hobby. I have taken numerous courses and my passion for photographing people has just grown. I left my career as a secondary school teacher in December 2006 after making the very brave decision to follow my heart and start my own photography business. It's been a really challenging few years but I absolutely love the fact that my passion is now my career, how many people can say that? Serendipity Photography is growing from strength to strength and we have now developed our "Rock the Dress" shoots and the children & baby side of the business which is known as "Shutterbugs".

Shutterbug Snaps

I'm the "strawberry photographer" which means that when I do a family portrait shoot or a baby shoot or a wedding I bring strawberries! (Depending on the time of year they are either fresh fruits or sweets! : ) ) I like to make sure that the photos I create are the ones which my couples/families want to be treasured for many generations to come. My shoots are fun and I allow my "subjects" to relax and enjoy their time in front of the camera. It's always really important to find out about the people you are photographing so I always take some time to get to know my couples or families.

Wedding Snaps

My favourite part of my working day is taking the photos. I absolutely love it! I love people and so to be able to photograph people and give them photographs that they love is the best feeling in the world. I also love to see my photographs in frames/ albums/ canvases in my clients' homes. The other part I enjoy the most is being creative with my photography. Doing a shoot where I can research it before hand and be creative with the location and poses is the best way to get my creative juices going. The best way to do this is in fashion styled shoots such as "rock the dress" & shoots for PR.

Portrait Snaps

People often ask me why I'm known as the "strawberry photographer". It has come about because my logo for Serendipity Photography has a strawberry. This stems from 2 things which are really important about myself and my business. Firstly one of the first photographs I took professionally was of a little girl at a wedding who was eating a strawberry. It became a firm favourite and was an image I used in the first year to promote my business. The 2nd reason is simple...I'm a strawberry blonde ( not ginger!) and proud of it.

See why we love her so much!?!? If you would like to contact Katy you can on her WEBSITE, BLOG, TWITTER and FACEBOOK

THANK YOU SO MUCH for allowing us to feature you Katy!

If we can help you with any bespoke jewellery please contact us on or 07904123297

Have a nice day!