Saturday, 25 September 2010

Wedding Supplier Wednesday - Plans and Presents

Happy Wednesday! and my do we have a good Wedding Supplier Wednesday for you today!Featuring the fabulous Alison Tinlin, owner of Plans and Presents, a Glasgow based wedding and event planning company, providing expert and superior service to all those who need assistance to plan the wedding (or indeed any event) of their dreams! Here is what Alison had to say:
I help plan and co-ordinate Weddings and personal Events, all over the country. My job is basically to work with clients, and provide as much, or as little help as they need with their Wedding or Event. That might be as simple as helping someone find a venue, or a supplier they are having particular difficulty sourcing, through to full Co-ordination, or anything else in between.
People sometimes get the preconception that employing an Event Planner is an all or nothing thing, but a particularly popular service for Weddings is On The Day Co-ordination. I find that many couples like to do the planning aspect themselves, but like to have a professional in the latter stages to oversee events. I come in about 4-6 weeks before the Event, and take all the carefully orchestrated plans, check that nothing has been missed, liase with all suppliers, and ensure plans are running smoothly. I will also provide timelines for all suppliers and the couple so they know what happens when, and am there on the day to make sure that everything goes completely to plan. This service is all about reassurance. I ADORE the interaction with people and the fact that you are helping to make the special day or event of someone completely perfect.
Plans and Presents is based in Glasgow, where I live with my husband and two children, but I cover the whole of the UK, and we were established in April 2009. I’m a huge organiser at heart – I love to have everything in order! In my previous job in nursing, I had to make sure that I worked to very exacting deadlines and being organised was, literally, a matter of life and death. The skills of time management, crisis intervention, a good ear, and the ability to listen and act on peoples needs are great transferable skills. I am also a total people person, I like nothing better than a good chat, so the beauty of this career is that it is all about the client, and what they need, and add to that the fact I absolutely adore Weddings and parties, and it is just a dream job.
There are many fabulous Wedding Planners out there, and I am friends with many of them. They do a fantastic job in a tough industry. All I can say is I ALWAYS go the extra mile for my clients, I give 150% in everything I do, and I believe that by doing that I provide a superior service. I want to get my name out properly in the Scottish and UK market. Over the last year, I have been building my name up within the UK Bridal Industry. I have been featured in Brides Magazine and the Scottish Wedding Directory, and was recently nominated for a Mumpreneur award. I want to build on that, and take Plans and Presents to bigger and better things. I will do that by being the best I can be and by providing a superior service. To be recently named No.1 on the UK Wedding Tweeter's list was huge for me, and I am thrilled and honoured to be in that position.
In my normal business day, every single time I am able to help someone, whether if its by a simple phone call, or a tweet, or any other medium then that makes it worthwhile, that way you feel you have made a difference to someones life. In an Event or Wedding setting, the bit that most definetely stands out, and which I really love is when I look at a client, and they smile and I know in my heart that they are totally relaxed and reassured that everything is going the way it is supposed to - because I have done my job well.
I would love to change peoples' preconceptions of my job. From my experience, it appears that the public are still wary of my title - they believe that a planner/co-ordinator will be expensive and controlling. In fact, this is far from the truth, I pride myself on the fact that my job is all about giving the clients the best possible personal service whilst, ensuring at all times they "retain ownership" , and control of their day, whilst simultaneously ensuring they save as much money as possible and have their dream, stress free and wonderful event.

Isnt Alison wonderful? THANK YOU SO MUCH for allowing us to feature you on the blog! If you would like to contact Plans and Presents, please check out the WEBSITE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, of her very own BLOG

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  1. Thanks guys for featuring me , I really appreciate it. xxx

  2. Woo hoo!! You look fantastic! Such a lovely person too... Good blog feature! x