Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Wedding Supplier Wednesday - Bunny Delicious

Happy Wednesday!

Today we are featuring the truly awesome Zoe from Essex basedBUNNY DELICIOUS, and we are thrilled to be able to show you her sparkling brand new WEBSITE Lets see what Zoe has to say:
I design and produce wedding stationery, as well as table plans, guest books, post boxes, memory boxes, photograph albums. I set up the business in 2003 selling handmade birthday cards to posh card shops in Essex.

Setting up the business wasn't intentional by any means. My 2nd baby was 5 months old and I loathed the thought of just being a housewife. I started making cards, which were selling really well, and then somebody said I should make wedding stationery. So I did, I registered the company name and then rest is history!

I design from the heart using passion and flair. I utterly love my job and I believe this shows in every single piece of work I produce. With my designs, I believe there are no boundaries. I like to think of my work as a fun day at the circus, colourful, exciting and always full of surprises. My style is utterly unique and you can spot a “bunny delicious” creation from a mile off (so I’ve been told!)

The best bit of my day? Taking a blank canvas, and transforming it into something utterly amazing.

and i think you will agree Zoe's work really is just that. THANK YOU so much for allowing us to feature you and your stunning new website! If you want to contact Bunny Delicious you can on her WEBSITE, FACEBOOK, or TWITTER.

We hope you have a lovely day, and if we can help you with any bespoke jewellery please contact us on 07904123297 or jon@jonkeithdiamonds.co.uk

If you would like us to feature your company on Wedding Supplier Wednesday please email Lisa on lisa@jonkeithdiamonds.co.uk



  1. Truly awesome indeed.
    Bunny Delicious will rock the stationery world with her marvellous new website and totally, totally unique designs.

  2. Bunny Delicious is fab, with her quirky, kooky kitsch designs! Think colour, think bold, think toe curling gorgeousness and you are thinking bunny delicious!