Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Wedding Supplier Wednesday - Made by Millie and Me

This weeks Wedding Supplier Wednesday is a special one for us – as the wonderful Nicky and her very beautiful yellow Labrador Millie from the award winning Made by Millie and Me, based in the picturesque town of Monmouth in the Wye Valley, actually created the stationary for our Wedding last year. She really is incredible – so lets find out more about her.

Millie and Me design and make a huge range of wedding stationery. Everything you could imagine from save the date cards, to table plans and favours are hand crafted by Nicky and her team (Millie does not help much with production!) and they also offer a bespoke design service.

‘Millie and Me’ were established 6 years ago after Nicky got made redundant. “For years I had dreamt about running a stationery design business, so when I found myself out of work, it was the ideal time to start. I moved back in with my parents to keep my costs as low as possible and took over Mum’s utility room as a makeshift studio.”

“I have always been interested in stationery design, and I had made cards for friends for some time. I spent weeks researching the wedding industry as I was keen to move into invitation design rather than making one off cards. I was finding it impossible to get another job having been made redundant and really wanted to try running my own small business. It was a leap of faith, but looking back, I’m so glad I decided to give it a go!”

“I pride myself in using only the finest quality materials in my stationery and want all my clients to feel that their invitations are setting the tone for their perfect day. I love being given a challenge to design something truly unique and particularly enjoy working with funky colours and making unique table plans. I also make one off items such as personalised cards for the bridal party and want my clients to feel that I can exceed their expectations at every stage.”

“The best reward in my job is hearing from a client that they love their stationery. I also get a real kick from seeing the wedding photos and how my work featured on the big day. I work very long hard hours (particularly in the summer!) and there is nothing more gratifying than a few words of thanks from a happy bride! I also make sure I have a tiny bit of ‘me’ time every day and walk Millie across open fields or along the river bank – this always refreshes me and I can come back to the studio with more energy to create scrumptious stationery!”

“I honestly adore what I do and wouldn’t change it for anything. I have never worked so hard in my life and yes, it’s horrid when I have to miss out on fun because I HAVE to finish an order, but I can’t let my brides down on the most important day of their life. I just love working with anything sparkly and beautiful ribbons and creating something special. I have music blaring out all day long in my studio, I sing and dance (as long as no-one is watching!) and constantly talk to Millie about each individual job. That probably makes me sound a little bit mad, but if it helps me create delicious designs, then it must be working!”

These creations are WONDERFUL! we just adore them and could use Nicky again and again!! Contact her via Twitter and her website

THANK YOU so much for allowing us to feature your awesome company and we wish you continued success!

If JKD can help you with anything Diamond related get in touch - we would LOVE to hear from you!!

Have a lovely Wednesday!