Thursday, 22 July 2010

extra cash for the weekend....

We all need a little extra Cash Injection every now and then, and JKD has the answer! Last night we held a very successful CASH FOR GOLD party, and LOTS of very happy people left with much more than they were expecting!

To briefly explain – im sure you have seen the hundreds of awful commercials telling you to ‘cash in your gold’, and im also sure you have seen the numerous press reports about how little these companies are offering you, the client, for your unwanted gold! well – this is true! But what is also true is that gold really is at all time highs at the moment, and it really is a good time to cash in any of your broken, old, mismatched or simply unused gold for cash!

As someone in the trade, I deal direct with the London Gold Bourse, based in Hatton Garden, and I really can offer you a price that wont be beaten anywhere else!

Its a win win situation for our clients - and the reviews on our website speak for themselves!

Organising a gold party couldn't be easier. You invite your family and friends to a party and ask them to bring all their old gold which they can sell for cash! We provide the food and nibbles - you have a lovely evening in with your friends and they leave very happy with extra cash in their back pockets!

We also offer a 'Postal' service, where you can send us your Gold, we then call you with an offer, and if you are happy we will send you the money the exact same day!

It really is that simple - so get in touch if you want to host your own party!

Have a lovely weekend!


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