Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Wedding Supplier Wednesday - Unique Wedding Planning!


So - it would appear the snow has gone (for most!) and its back to business....and today we have a lovely Wedding Supplier for you.Joy Hersey-Todd, of Unique Wedding Planning, is 46 years old and has had a successful 20 year career in Client/Event Management. Lets hear what Joy had to say:
I am passionate about service and I have won many awards for excellence. I love to work with people & work closely with the couple to understand their needs and only builds proposals that truly reflect them. I have a reputation for being a great listener, always available and happy to talk through any detail at any time. Whether dealing with a venue/supplier or a difficult situation, I am aware that I am representing you and you can rely on my professionalism at all times
I'm a Wedding planner & the founder of Unique Wedding Planning. I've been able to complement my skills above with study at the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, where I am also an Associate Member. In an unregulated industry, I think it's important to work in an ethical way & being a part of the UKAWP gives a couple a guarantee that I subscribe & work to a code of ethics. I am known for having a great eye for detail & being creative, but also, due to my operational background I am methodical in my approach. This has enabled me to be able to co-ordinate events of any shape and size and execute them flawlessly.

You can find me on or through facebook. I live in Sheffield where we are fortunate to be surrounded by fabulous venues & history. There are so many castles & wonderful Unique buildings to choose from. I mainly cover North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, North Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire. Within these areas I have a first rate knowledge of venues & suppliers and I have carefully selected a base of reputable, like-minded associates who are known for delivering excellence, quality of service and innovation in their field. I am able to secure the best prices from them & I do not work on a commission basis. As you would expect however, I am flexible in my approach and I have the skills to find new suppliers if your theme or budget dictates it.
My business was established in the Summer of 2009, although prior to this I had managed many corporate events & personally supported the most valued customers in a number of businesses.
I took redundancy in the summer of 2008 & spent a long time researching industries & roles that would utilise the skills & knowledge that I've acquired over the years. I'm also a person that loves to be with people, I enjoy helping them & thrive on pressure. In this climate there aren't many roles that fulfil this criteria, but Planning Weddings for time constrained couples is a perfect match !

Here at Unique,I offer a full range of services for stylish couples who wish to create and experience a truly bespoke, fun and memorable occasion for both themselves and their guests, whilst eliminating the stress, family tensions, constant emails, phone calls and over 200 hours worth of work, associated with planning the most important day of their lives. If you have demanding lifestyles & don't have the time, don't live where you are planning to get married, or just don't know where to start, I can help.
I believe that a Unique Venue will make the world of difference to how you remember your wedding day & whether you want to say your vows in a stately home, a boutique or country hotel, a castle, a museum or even at the local church, my aim is to ensure that your wedding day is a flawless execution of the dreams and aspirations that you have for it. I guarantee that your day will be Unique, created and managed for you. It will be your day, reflecting your personality, it definitely will not be replica of someone else's will be yours, exactly the way you wanted it to be.
I work with some of the North's top suppliers & I have working knowledge of some of the very best venues.
Meeting new couples at one of the most exciting times of their lives. Finding them the venue of their dreams & creating an experience for them that will stay with them always.They will remember their wedding day forever & I will ensure that it is for the right reasons. My job is also very varied & allows me to work on many exciting things & at some wonderful venues. I'm currently putting together a " Win a Wedding " competition, where one lucky couple will win over £7,000 worth of wedding supplies, including their ceremony & drinks reception at the fabulous Ripley Castle. Join us on Facebook for further details.

I offer a free consultation & from that the couple will receive a bespoke proposal. It's theirs to keep & enables them to see if I've understand their brief. I'm happy to work anywhere.. give me a call today on 07896 661765.

Thank you SO MUCH for allowing us feature you on the blog!! and what are you waiting for! Give Joy a call today!

If we can help you with any bespoke jewellery please email or call 07904123297. If you would like to feature on our Wedding Supplier Wednesday please email

Have a GREAT week!


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