Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Wedding Supplier Wednesday - DOUZO


We hope you are enjoying the snow as much as we are? why no wrap up with a hot chocolate and have a read of our brillant Wedding Supplier Wednesday, this week featuring the lovely Melita of DOUZO.
Lets here all about what they do:
I'm Melita and I'm one half of the partnership that set up and runs DOUZO. Outside DOUZO, I am a mum of two and I like to read, run, and cook. I am insatiably curious about all things to do with people and their significant life events. This is my first jump into business and I'm loving it. There's lots to learn, that's for sure, but I wouldn't have it any other way now.
DOUZO is a website where you can set up and share a wish list for any occasion and any type of gift. Make it personal with photos and your choice of list design then share it with anyone you want, anywhere in the world.
We've only been operating since September 2010. We registered the business a year ago but it took us a while to pull the site together and decide to take the plunge.
DOUZO came out of the frustration of knowing what gifts we really wanted or needed, but being restricted on how we could share our wishes with friends and family. We had to pick affordable gifts from only one or two major stores, or we had to make an impersonal request for cash. Neither option gave us or our friends the right kind of freedom.

So we decided to make a place where the only limit on the type of gift would be our imagination. A place where friends and family could choose what they gave and where there could be something to fit every budget. A place where it would be easy to create a list and easy to buy from a list. It would be easy to see at any time what had been purchased and to know who gave what. That place became! We found we could use a list for many different occasions. Weddings and birthdays were obvious choices. But what about baby showers? Christenings? Anniversaries? Christmas? Coming of age ceremonies? Fund-raising? Getting kitted out for a gap year or University? Collecting props for a local theatre event? Getting pledges of help for someone in need? Pretty much, if you can imagine it, you can list it.

A key difference about us is that you can mix any type of gift on a single DOUZO list. You can include items from absolutely any store, site, or stall. You can collect money towards something really special. You can even ask for favours or pledges of help that might cost nothing but still make a big difference to the recipient. Another bonus is being able to ask someone to manage the list on your behalf. You set up your list, then your list manager handles the rest. This is proving welcome with couples preparing for a wedding. It makes life easier for them and also keeps an element of surprise about what presents have been chosen.

The best bit of our working day is interaction with people. DOUZO is online so I don't get to see many people face-to-face, but I love the conversations that pop up on Twitter, Facebook, and in emails. I really enjoy reading about other people's celebrations and products and there are so many inspirational businesses out there. I like hearing how people are using a list and thinking about the special event that it's marking in their lives. It's great to discuss new ideas and learn more about what hits the spot and what doesn't work so well.
You might wonder about our name. Why "DOUZO"? Our name comes from a Japanese word. Its exact meaning varies in translation but it comes across as "please", "help yourself" or "by all means". We like it and hope it's easy to remember.
One other thing is that we're running a welcome offer until the end of the year. Using the code WELCOME gets you 10% off your first list. This will give you a list for as little as £9. With Christmas coming soon, it would be a great way to try us and get more of what you really want this year.

THANK YOU so much for allowing us to feature your wonderful new company - we wish you lots of luck with it!

ENJOY THE SNOW everyone and check back Friday for a VERY exciting update from JKD!

Have a nice week.


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