Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday 13th - good for some....

...and especially good for those getting Diamonds today!

We have had a crazy week! We delivered one of the most beautiful Wedding Bands we have ever made to a lovely couple, who are actually getting married TODAY so best of luck to them, AND we delivered a stunning Engagement ring to a very nervous client who is popping the question THIS WEEKEND!! BEST OF LUCK for that too! We will follow up these stories with photos next week!Today we are finishing an unusual Black Diamond Engagement Ring for a very lucky lady indeed! Black diamonds have become increasingly popular since the latest Sex and the City Film was released and 'Big' gave 'Carrie' one at the end. They have always been a fav of ours at JKD so we are pleased to be able to work with them more often.MrsJKD actually owns a pair of Black Diamond earrings and they are one of her prize possessions!
Wednesday night saw the Party of the season, when the lovely Kat from RocknRoll Bride Blog invited some of her fav Wedding Suppliers along to Mezo on Wardour Street for a cocktail (or two) and a general chit chat. It was LOVELY to meet some of our fellow industry professionals in the flesh and put some faces to names, some of whom we have been speaking to via Twitter and emails for quite some time! It was a complete triumph and i cant wait to read Kat's write up about the evening (i hear Lady GaGa might come up at some point!) Kats Blog photo is c/o the BRILLIANT Emma Case CHECK HER OUT!

We would also like to thank Kat for giving us a 'Rockstar Vendor' badge! It really means allot knowing a blog as reputable as RocknRoll Bride like our work! THANKS!!!! insert *BIG SQUEAL from MrsJKD* We are also THRILLED to announce we debuted at NUMBER 14 in The Top 100 UK Wedding Tweeters List today! Wedding suppliers are ranked by influence, not just follower numbers. A whole host of other criteria are used to get an idea of the popularity and 'quality' of these social media super stars and we are suitably CHUFFED to say the least!! Check out the full list HERE for more information.

We are off to Vintage at Goodwood this weekend and we cant wait - we shall report back next week how it all goes.

Have a lovely weekend all! and remember, if we can help you with any bespoke jewellery drop us an email on or call us on 07904123297.


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