Monday, 26 April 2010

Monday Monday....

....hope you all had lovely weekends! CONGRATULATIONS to any of our readers who completed the London Marathon! JKD are even considering doing it ourselves next year so if you have any tips/advice feel free to pass them on!

Now - onto this week! and tonight we are hosting a CASH FOR GOLD party in Langdon Hills, Essex. Contact me if you want more info and would like to come along! Alternatively, if you have Gold you are considering cashing in and would like a quote, drop me a line as i do offer an 'at home' service so can come to you! Gold is at all time highs at the moment, but it wont last forever, so get in while you can!

We will be appearing on a few more blogs this week, keep your eyes peeled and i will keep you updated. One in particular we are VERY excited about. All hush hush but will reveal as soon as i can!

Have a nice week - and hope to meet some of you tonight!

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