Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Wedding Supplier Wednesday - Olivier Laudus Boutique

HAPPY WEDDING SUPPLIER WEDNESDAY! we hope you have had a lovely week so far?

Today we are featuring the amazing Olivier Laudus online wedding accessory boutique ( offering luxury wedding accessories ranging from unique personalised wedding ring cushions to stylish bridal bags, jewellery, tiaras, headbands, decorative hair combs, flower clips, heart-shaped umbrellas and lots more! We caught up with Sangeeta Laudus, co–founder and manager of the day to day running of the business with her husband – Olivier Laudus – who the business is named after. Here is what she had to say:
I worked in the city as a finance lawyer for 14 years first in one of the large law firms and then in-house in an investment bank, but had been involved with the business since it was launched. I decided to come on board full-time last year to help Olivier grow the business and have loved every minute of it!
I mainly take care of our Boutique Collection of accessories and also meet clients for style consultations. Having loved accessories since I was very young, it’s a real pleasure to help brides pick pieces that suit them or make suggestions about pieces they might not have thought of. I think it’s all about finding the right balance and harmony between the jewellery, headpiece and the wedding dress as well as making sure the bride’s individual style shines through!
We are an online boutique ( but our office is in North London and we also have use of a studio in Central London where we meet brides for style consultations.
We set the business up in 2004 with a unique collection of handmade wedding ring cushions which were showcased at the National Wedding Show at Olympia. The idea of creating a luxury ring cushion collection came simply because when we got married in 2002 we were unable to find a stylish cushion to present our wedding bands on. The collection was designed by Olivier, with cushions retailing around £70 to reflect the work that goes into them as each is individually hand beaded. Last year we launched a lower-priced collection faithful to the original concept of style and luxury but with simpler designs inspired by the vintage trend.
Olivier is an irrepressible entrepreneur and loves the thrill of running a business but the original reason we set up Olivier Laudus was because we fell in love with the ring cushion we had commissioned for our own wedding and wanted to share it with others.
We have been in the business now for coming up to 7 years so hopefully can share our experience and passion for what we do with our clients. We are also very customer focused and client care is really important to us and seems to be something the clients appreciate from all the testimonials and thank you cards we receive – one lady (the mother of the bride) even sent us a piece of wedding cake which I thought was a lovely gesture and well received.
The best bit about our working day: The variety is fantastic: running your own business you get involved in every part of it from processing and packing orders to dealing with magazines and writing expert articles so no two days are the same. I also love the client contact part of the job helping brides finding perfect accessories for their big day either on the phone or in person!

What a LOVELY couple - working together to achieve a shared goal. Something we appreciate over here at JKD! Thank you so much for allowing us to feature your awesome company!

If you would like to get in touch with with Sangeeta or Olivier or for more information, the full collection can be seen at or call them on 020 8374 1239.

If we can help you with any bespoke Jewellery email us on or if you would like to feature on our Wedding Supplier Wednesday email

Have a GREAT Wednesday and dont forget to check back Friday for some beautiful sparkles!



  1. Thank you Lisa for such a lovely feature! x

  2. It is a lovely feature - well done Lisa and Sangeeta and I will definitely be thinking differently about (and promoting the use of!) personalised ring cushions from now on. xx

  3. wow lisa, you did it again,
    i must find myself a groom,
    can't wait to get married already...
    tnks, never stop :)

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