Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Diamonds & Cupcakes - HEAVEN!

Ok - so Diamonds are OF COURSE a girls best friend - but Cupcakes come a VERY close second....and we couldnt think of any more perfect than these by Genii Cupcakes in Hampshire.

In honour of everything that is wonderful about diamonds, Genii Cupcakes are offering this limited Crystal Couture Cupcake at £3 each.

The Crystal Couture Cupcake is available in vanilla or chocolate, with fluffy buttercream and features sugar diamonds on top of the cupcake.

We have all heard the stories of men hiding diamond engagement rings in desserts, why not give this in a presentation box and keep the ring pristine!!

Genii Cupcakes specialize in combining flavour with visual appeal to create cupcakes which are stunning on the palette and on the eye. Genii Cupcakes can create personalized wedding cupcakes individually wrapped for wedding favours or traditional cupcakes for a wedding cupcake tower topped with a 6 inch cutting cake matched to your wedding theme.

Founded on a passion for baking, Genii Cupcakes was set up by the wonderful Laura Payne on the South Coast outside Southampton to offer cupcakes that are stunning on the eyes and tastebuds and baked pieces of art.

Soooo - what are you waiting for! Get ordering now!!!

Following on from our love of all things sparkly, we also wanted to remind you its Creation Collaboration Wednesday - so get yourself over there and find some wonderful new blogs to follow. There really are some corkers!

We hope you have a LOVELY Wednesday and look forward to speaking to you soon!

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  1. The cupcake looks lovely, pity I'm weight watching at present.

  2. Hi already following your blog and stopping by to say hello from the Women Wednesday blog hop! x Lois x P.S Those cupcakes you found are gorgeous!

  3. What a brilliant idea cupcakes and diamonds yummy!
    Thanks for your comment. :-)
    Women's Wednesday blog hop.

  4. Hi already following your blog and stopping by to say hello and thank you from the Women Wednesday blog hop!

    And as for this post all I will say is YUM !
    Ali @plansandpresents.blogspot.com

  5. Hi ladies! thanks for stopping by!